CATV Library was originally written by Simon Hughes as a spreadsheet for use on Windows CE (or desktop Excel).  Although still usable in modern versions of Excel, the mobile option (by far, more useful) was lost in the flurry of modern mobile operating system updates.  

Loaded with features, the CATV Library app provides common and not-so-common worksheets and automated calculators designed for engineers, by engineers.  

Highlights Include Special Features
  • Log Add & Subtract
  • Cascade Analysis
  • Amp Cascade Performance
  • Coax Cable Losses
  • Network Functions
  • Fiber Link Designer
  • Conversions for
    • Linear
    • Volume
    • Weight
    • Energy
    • Velocity
    • Temperature
  • Global Metric/Imperial units
  • Global Channel Standards
  • Global Measurement and Temperature units

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